Mobile CO2 Dry Freeze Chamber Cleaning, Disinfecting, Mold Removal, and Restoration Services


How it works?

Depending on the type of project or content, we will layout a plan of action for tbe entire project. We then set up video montioring, take inventory, prepare the items and chamber, and formulate a special blend or sequence of treatments for each type of specific item that is to be cleaned, disinfected, sterilized, or have mold removed.

State of the Art Mobile CO2 Deep Freeze Chamber Dry Cleaning & Restoration for...

Sub Zero Mold Dry Freeze/Dry Clean Services:

  • Fine linens

  • Luxury clothing

  • Footwear

  • Kids Toys

  • Collectibles

  • Paintings

  • Fine art

  • Antiques

  • Artifacts

  • Relics

  • Leather items

  • Furniture

  • Contaminated supply chain shipments

Mobile Dry Freeze Chamber System

Next Gen CO2 Dry Freeze Content Cleaning Services

Your Valuables Can Be Saved!

Why Use Our Services?

Sub zero mold dry freeze/dry clean services for fine linens, luxury clothing, footwear, collectibles, fine art, antiques, artifacts, leather items, furniture, contaminated shipments 


Mobile co2 dry cleaning chamber services brought to you by Miami Mold Specialists. Over three decades of environmental service experience contributed to this new systems technological innovation. This revolutionary co2 dry cleaning system was pioneered by Marty Katz, the founder of several indoor environmental service companies- 5boromold, miami mold specialist, solar air flow, and now Mobile co2 dry cleaning services

Mobile CO2 Dry Freeze Content Cleaning Chamber

A Miami Mold Specialists Company...

South Florida’s Premier Indoor Air Quality, Environmental Services, and Mold Removal Service Provider- Miami Mold Specialist: High Tech and Eco Friendly Indoor Air Quality, Mold Assessments and Environmental Consulting, 3rd Party “Conflict Free” Mold Testing, Mold Removal and Mold Remediation, Mold Prevention, Radon Testing, Water Damage Control, and Water Protection and Purification Services by Miami Mold Specialist.

Multi Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Over 30 Years Experience!

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Sub zero mold dry freeze/dry clean services for fine linens, luxury clothing, footwear, collectibles, fine art, paintings, antiques, artifacts, relics, leather items, furniture, contaminated supply chain shipments, and more! 

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